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The Bird Father:
Pc has tree cut down on hole 1,4,6,17 & 18...and I saw this just while driving in.

All of which were dead from disease, and all of which were major fairway players.


Ken Franks:
we played there last week and saw them spray painted for removal... maybe we should just remove them all, and pave it???

I can understand the tree on #6 long left basket being removed but they also cut out the evergreen tree which guarded the left side of the pin.  I didn't think it was dead.  Now there is nothing there.

Looks like someone got chain saw happy unless of course it was damaged by the cutting of the bigger tree.

the trees were positively identified and registered democrats, and none of the wood was worthy of a jaguar steering wheel so the wood will be mulched and donated to an urban project. i once saw a soccer mom spill her lemonade out there and was aghast when she wiped it up with.....get this - a paper towel!

Fortunately the City of Olathe has multiple tree farms and the machinery to transplant 10 to 15 year old trees. I'm fairly certain many more trees will be planted in the areas where the sick and dying ones were removed, at no expense to the Club and without having to hold fund raising tourneys to purchase trees.

When the course was first in there were only about a dozen trees in the entire park. The Arborist over the years has planted several hundred. The park will be just fine, in about 10 years from now.  :'(

See the tree how big it's grown, but friends it hasn't been that long, it was just a twig.  :)


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