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Down Under League 12/8/12


A "Fifty Shades of Gray" moment early in the round last week on the new layout DU. Starting on new #11, E-Kolk whipped out his manly 167 pearly Beast and slammed it through the "V" straight into the hole. The chains were still shaking as skin was being slapped and money exchanged. Lot's of "ooohs" and "ahhs" could be heard throughout the valley. Who is this guy??? Ron Jeremy meets Dos XX guy? Paid $105, so expect some refreshments today.

Payout $110/$70/$50/$35/$23 Total $288. Ace $104 going into today.

-14 1082 DZ/Murph
-14 1082 E-Kolk/Frank
-14 1082 CD/Arturo
-11 1054 Tank/Demion
-11 1054 DanZ/PeterB
 -9  1040 Yaj/DickP
 -9  1040 Matt/E-Roc
 -9  1040 Ron/Austin
 -9  1040 Lee/Swade
 -8  1032 Jake/TJ
 -8  1032 MikeT/Darren
 -7  1020 Brian/MikeQ
 -7  1020 DK/Bart
 -7  1020 Ryan/JoeH
 -7  1020 Mike/Utz
 -6  1008 Fred/Pete
 -5    996 JohnT/Glover
 -5    996 James/Scott

Jay, Thanks  for trying out starting everyone at the same time. I'm curious what everyone's opinion is on finishing around the same time. The only fallback is everybody has to take the trek to hole 1 but IMO a necessary sacrifice to finish in a timely manner.

The new meeting place is out of sight. roughly 3 practice baskets to choose from, all within earshot of the "bring it in" hollering. More room to spread out w/o getting in the way of people practicing or golfing. Not to mention cutting off about an hour from the normal activities. The walk to #1 is the only downfall, and its not even a big deal. Last week we politely asked a casual group if we could play in front of them, and everything worked out.

New hole #9 has a TON of character to it. There's an accessible lefty/forehand route, as well as many options for RHBH throwers.  That long placement is no punk Bia!

Down Under just got better folks. Love the hard work and dedication. KC Disc Golf for the win!


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