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Down Under League 12/15/12

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28 people played one the more difficult DU layouts. Mark Wisby and Jose Ossa teamed up to shoot a 46 and take home $100. The new scorecards Dick P and DGW provided are awesome, but I can't read a couple of names so I apologize in advance if I have left you off the scoreboard. A touch easier layout for today.

$100/$60/$40/$24 for $224. Ace up to $132.

-8 1058 Wisby/Jose
-7 1046 Murph/Frank
-7 1046 Jesse/MikeT
-6 1037 Utz/Chi
-6 1037 Dick/Kevin
-5 1028 Pete/John
-4 1017 Fred/Matt
-3 1010 Yaj/Demion
-3 1010 DZ/Hans
-3 1010 Austin/Ryan
-3 1010  966 Andy/Sully
-1   995 Mike/BJ?
E    988 Earl/Corbett
E    988 Scott?/EricK?

woo hoo! I'm ready for some DUDubs. Thanks for moving those pins Jay. One of the hardest setups I've ever played downunder. Couldnt of asked for a better day. might be a lil sloppy/icey today.


Dan Z.:
Just wanted to say thanks for the effort on the score cards......but the fact is , you really cant see it. The pencil marks just dont show up.....and I think when you touch the card , the pencil marks can be rubbed off. Our score is wrong ,and some of the names are wrong. ....obviously cause you cant see it.

The Bird Father:
We were on the utz card I thought we were in the 3-4 under range

Yall we're -3. I remember that. I changed the score to reflect. We dont want anyone getting the wrong idea about you two...


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