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4/14 Water Works League

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34 for singles league on just about a perfect evening in the park. Light breeze and temp about 70. Nice course setup with some short birdie holes and some long tough ones.

In the money:

Open (eight)

Chris Hall   51   $15
Kevin Corbett  52   $10

Masters (13)

Ted Keith  51   $20
Brian Guthrie  53   $10
Who Man  53   $10

Advanced (13)

Ken Hostetler  55   $12
Kurt Miller   56   $9
Fred Netherton  57   $7
Rick Mollenkamp  58   $4
TJ Ring  58   $4
Ben Taylor  58   $4

Mike Penney:
Did I read this correct TJ and Ben got beat by House?

Yep. He shot 56 the first week too. All that Cliff Drive play seems to have advanced his game.

A more unlikely happening was me finishing ahead of The Who Man.

C'mon Who.. sign up for Masters again... I dare ya!

Hah! It was obviously one of those days that I was on my best game and he had a bad round.

You beat Who? :D

Hello to all in KC!
We are headed there for the wife's medskool gradumutation, lookin very much forward to playing some rounds and catchin up with you kooks. Pencil me in for WW thurs may 12 and possibly wyco fri then sumthin (blue valley?) saturday. We were in Florida until last turkeydayish. Good scene there, it looks like this

Wife did her final half-year electives here in Montana, I need to take my digicam to the local course, its 4inx16in PVC chunks hangin from scraggly trees, super pretty area next to a river but the forest service doesn't want permanent targets there (yet) Been golfing some lately but mostly spent my time here doing this
SPAM!skishot sorry
Moving to michigan next (hear that westa, now that your leaving...) so I'll have better chances of crossing paths with KC folks in the midwest I guess... Anyway look forward to making it down there and playing some golf on still the best courses I've played in my humble career. Cya at WW 5/12


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