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Down Under League 12/22/12


12 people showed up to play on a day that turned out pretty nice. A bit chilly today for the last league of 2012, but this is what makes this game fun! Right? We can play in anything. Consider this Ice Bowl preparation. Planning a nice bonfire to keep things warm.

$60/$26  Ace fund up to $146

-7  1060 Billy/Steve C
-6  1051 Eroc/Arturo
-5  1040 DZ/Mike
-4  1032 SteveT/Utz
-2  1010 Mike/Mike (obviously too many Mike's)
+1   982 Fred/Chicago

Is there league today

Yessir. Steve, we now meet at the new hole 9, so its easy to park at the ball fields, and walk down. There's a nice new trail that cuts behind 8's basket. 12:30 cya there!


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