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Chiefs are on the clock!

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So which defensive lineman are they looking at drafting?  LOL.  ;D  ;)  >:(  :(  :-[  :'(  :'(  :'(

They will probably pick a Dlineman as they have for several years. And therefore, will suck on offence again for several more years.

What they really need is some solid offensive linemen and a top quarterback.

There are a couple O Line guys in the draft worth grabbing. I think we should start there. Then go ahead and spend the $25M of our salary cap that sits unused on a real quarterback. There are a couple of goods ones out there looking for jobs. I hear Vick spent some significant time in these parts. He might want to come play for us.


Yeh, anytime Vick is in a game, it's a real dog fight.  ;D


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