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Chiefs are on the clock!

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The donkeys can watch from the couch now, just like the Chiefs. hahaha

Here's what Mel Kiper's first Big Board has predicted:

Luke Joeckel
COLLEGE: Texas A&M AGE: 21 HT: 6-6 WT: 310 POS: OT
Analysis: He has started every game at left tackle since he arrived on campus, protects the passer with what could almost be perceived as ease and has zero durability questions after three years against very good competition. Joeckel has been so good, a big question about him at this stage might be whether he's truly nasty enough, a point of pride among elite O-linemen. The kid is a gifted technician at left tackle, and the Chiefs could go with the strategy of drafting their left tackle for the next 10 years here, then taking a shot on the best QB available with the first pick in Round 2. Two needs, two picks. We'll see, but QB value at this draft slot isn't in play right now.

WOOOHOOO......Leon there's a franchise players!

ahhh hahahaha. "He looks like an ugly Deion Sanders"

17 of the 30 Super Bowl winning teams had quarterbacks who were first round picks.  That means for you mathematicians that more than 50% of the winning QB's were first round picks.  You don't have to be an idiot (I'm talking about all the Chief's GM's since 1984) to pick a QB with your first pick in the draft at least 50% of the time until you WIN A FRIGGIN SUPER BOWL!  That being said, is there a QB coming out of college worthy of the #1pick this year.  It's too bad Johnny Football has to play another year to be eligible to be drafted.  God willing, barring injury, you'll see Johnny Football holding multiple Vince Lombardi trophies over the next dozen years.  I'm afraid the Chiefs will go after another veteran and most likely a back-up.  EVERY QB the Chiefs have started for decades now has been a back-up before coming here: Grbac, Bono, Green, Gannon, Deberg, even Montana had become a back-up to Steve Young before becoming a Chief.  WAKE UP Chiefs.  It's time to pick a QB #1, if not this year, VERY soon.  Back-ups are back-ups for a reason.  They usually don't win championships.     


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