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Elk's Charity Disc Golf Tournament April 20th 2013

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Nice job Tom.

john theiss:
Super fun event.  thanks tom.

left an orange blizzard boss on hole 10.  no name on it but in the 130's.  threw over water and forgot to pick it up. 

I want to thank all the 36 players that came out to play today. With your help we were able to raise around $1300 for the Christmas basket program. The experianced and begginer players both expressed how much fun the had and were glad they could help such a good cause. Special thanks to John Theiss who has always supported and advised us on our tournaments. Special thanks also goes out to Disc Golf World and Rick for his help and inspiration.
Hope to see you at Hitting the Chains for BACA June 1st.  Fliers comming soon.


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