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Friday Traveling League - 1/11/13

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Several votes for Legacy for this week. Traveling league hasn't played there yet so let's do it.
To accomodate those who try to get some money making done in the mornings, starting a bit later.
Everyone welcome.

Legacy 1pm tee time

Other courses not yet played: Jesse James, Wilbur Young, WyCo, Smithville (#3, we played 2 already) . . .

What others do we need to play before repeats?

Kelly Markum:
I'm in for legacy... Not 100% sure on all the courses you have done yet but I know we did wyco a few weeks ago where that lefty took most of the skins. We also did the white & yellow courses at smithville , that is when Greg's truck didn't start

yep, brain fart. We did play Wyco.

I remember we played two at Smithville. Woodhedge and Blackthorn? But there is still one to be conquered. I would like to play Smithville and Wyco again. LIKE.

We need to hit Jesse James, Swope, PC.

DD has 2013 tags, so if anyone wants one, I will be stopping by before we head to Legacy. I think they are $5.  Friday league will always have all-in tags of any type- KCFDC, DD, even DGcourse review. It seems I'm the only person in KS to have a DGCR tag though  :o

Hey by the way. DD 2013 tags are available. You can pick them up now or let Jeff O. (spanachio) or I know and we can pick them up for you friday before Legacy play and you can reinburse. ($5 + handling fee ;))


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