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Wind, Water, and Woods Doubles Tournament Pleasant Hill. April, 6 2013

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DJ Twiggy (Sean C.):
Registration is now up and running for: Wind Water and Woods 2013. Please feel free to pay either myself (Sean Chancellor) or Narin Clouse in person if you catch up with us, or you can pay via PayPal. Please note that if you sign up thru PayPal, there is a $2 fee, so registration will be $52. The payPal link is below. After you have registered, please send an email to : stating the two members of your team, your shirt sizes and your TEAM NAME. (Please be as creative as you want with the team name, but NO PROFANITY...........innuendos are fine.) Any questions, please feel free to ask. We have some great sponsors on board already, and have a several others about to join up!! LET'S HAVE SOME FUN!!!!

Here is a link to a printable PDF of the flyer:

Here's an image of the flyer:

I am available to partner up with someone if they are needing a partner. It would be my birthday tourney  ;D  8)

DJ Twiggy (Sean C.):
Ok people, I am going to keep a running list of registered teams. This way you know who is still available for making your team. We are looking at 54 teams to cap:

1) Tim Becks / Jon Robertson                Adv.
2) Sean Chancellor / Dalton Puckhaber   Adv.
      "Two Guys and a Basket"
3) Narin Clouse / Mike "Beetle" Bailey.   Open
     "Green Jacket Show Stoppers"
4) Steeler "DD" Doug / ????
        "Disc Guys"
5) Brian Swezy / Doug Yeager               Adv.
      "Savannaland Rejects"
6) Kevin Weiss / Sean Fountain             Adv.
      "East Side Anhyzers"
7) Kelly Markum / Steve Pzost.             Adv.
      "Smokin Trees, Stroking Three's"
8  Matt Crowe / Brian Palmer

9) Matt Fox / Mark Dunphy                  Open
       "Irish Carbombs"
10) Vince A. Como / Annette Como.     Mixed
         "Italian Armada"
11) Damien Moses / Jay McGovern        Rec.
12) Eric Eastwood / Jeremy Danner.     Open
        "Dirty Harry Nutcrackers"
13) Harold B / Bobby Dietzel.               Rec
14) Vincent R Como/ Chris Como.         Rec
         "Italian Stallions"
15) Ron Klein-Mo / Paul Beard.             Adv
16) Anthony Morris / Jordan Hippensteel. Adv
         "Dropping A Deuce"
17) Earl Johanson / Susan Johanson.    Mixed
18) Landon Quigley / Becca Strauss.     Mixed
19) Jeff Waldron / Ben Oliver.               Rec.
20) John Billings / Mick Morris.              Rec.
         "Two Old Warriors"
21) Shane Dierson / Josh Fortner.         Adv
            "Don Kebuls"
22) Brian Taylor / Mark Albers.             Open
23) Jeff Scheetz / Jackie Scheetz          Mixed
       "Where's My Dog?"
24) Danny Troop / David Leonard.       Rec
        "D & D Music Factory"
25) House / Bruce McQueen

Slant,  just trying to get people to sign up and not wait the last minute.  That makes it hard on us preparing for the event and t shirts.  Don't hate , participate brother


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