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white mccoy:
I know I am not the only one that thinks the posting of results has gotten a little lazy/non-exsistent these days. 

I don't care about seeing my score at the top of a forum to feel good about myself 8), I just want to see how many & who is showing up at each league...I don't think I am the only one that is interested in this data.

Whether you are an avid league player or a newbie just checking this forum out for the first time, some info on who is playing and the average scores being shot, can only help to encourage better turn-out to glow/night/day leagues.  Plus, it's pretty cool, when a newbie gets to see his/her name up at the top of the leaderboard when you get teamed up with a Tank/Arturo/Henry in Dubs.  Something to brag to their friends about, and get their friends out as well.

What about it??

Hey Joe!

I love seeing the scores posted too. Jay does an excellent job posting the Down Under Dubs scores w/ a custom rating system. I think the biggest issue for the winter leagues is the lack of score card use. Its dark, its cold and no one wants to write down scores.

But I hear ya, what about it?!

white mccoy:
Definitely not pointing the finger at Jay or Tracy.  Even St. Joe's league is kept up to date. Just wondering what's going on in Olathe, Rosie on Wednesday's and Friday's, Waterworks, Swope, Old Pike, P-HIll, Legacy (still have dubs?).

Don't necessarily have to keep scorecards, just write down scores for teams on a notebook at the end.  If a team doesn't turn in their score and left early, can still post their names.

One thing to remember though is that only Down Under league is a "club league" in the winter, so anything else isn't really required to do much, it's at the discretion of the person/people that choose to be in charge.

Whatchu talkin bout Willis?

All of Olathe's scores get posted, along with the ACE fund update. I haven't been as timely this year as in the previous seven years, but I do get them up eventually. We are paid very well to do it after all.  ::)

I'll try to post them quicker these last seven weeks of GLOW.  :P


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