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white mccoy:

--- Quote from: Tom on January 14, 2013, 10:46:07 AM ---Whatchu talkin bout Willis?

--- End quote ---
Sorry Tom.  My bad.....  Is there still an Olathe Saturday morning league?

--- Quote from: jack on January 14, 2013, 10:42:35 AM ---One thing to remember though is that only Down Under league is a "club league" in the winter, so anything else isn't really required to do much, it's at the discretion of the person/people that choose to be in charge.

--- End quote ---

I am not requiring anybody of anything, just simply asking for the benefit of all, and hoping I wasn't the only one who cared.  More info(=?)more people=more fun/money

Sat morning league vanished a few years back at Olathe....

I am unsure how many people get online that run the other leagues you are speaking of as well.....

No Saturday league in Olathe for the past three or four years..... DU is the place to be on Saturday.  8)

The Club events calender is pretty accurate lately.  8)

GLOW tonight at PC with a mega ACE fund though. Even though it's gonna be bitter cold, with 2 mph winds it shouldn't be too bad. be signe up by 5:45, draw partners at 6:00.  :)

FYI...  I am still working on getting a formal league management system for the site.  I am new to WordPress PHP plugin development and have had to educate myself a bit as well as handle a number of plugin conflicts but I am now in core development stages for it.  It will both help league directors manage stats and will provide members a singe interface to view league and tournament results.

I think we've been pretty good at getting the scores up for Friday Traveling League. I think this has improved our turnout. Also regular discussion and promo here, facebook and text to texts has helped too. I know I like seeing my scores (most of the time).


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