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Kansas City Mini Series - 2013

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DDKC Scott Reek:
The Kansas City Mini Series is a series of events that are hosted by Dynamic Discs or other organizers that wish to be a part of the series.  It is designed for players to be able to compete within the Kansas City area and be rewarded for a season of good play and a way for other players to measure their skill level.
The Kansas City Mini Series will consist of 7 events. 
•   SMP Frostbreaker Feb 17th, 2013
•   Kan U Wyco March 9th, 2013
•   Rosedale Open March 10th, 2013
•   Midwest Championship May
•   Mighty Mo June
•   Paradise Diamond August
•   City of Fountains November

How the Kansas City Mini Series Works?
First, you attend the event and play just like you would do any other time.  At the end of the event, Dynamic Discs will take the results and give points based on how many people you have a better score than overall.
If you have the best score of the tournament, then you would have beaten 100% of the field, which would give you 100 points.  If you beat 85% of the tournament, than you will be awarded 85 points and so on.
You are awarded points based on your best 3 out of 7 events.  The top 40% of the players who attend 3 of the 7 events will be awarded an end of season bonus payout.

This structure allows you to be rewarded for a season of good play and is not dictated by a single event.

Which Divisions will be available?
All divisions will be offered as long as the division has the required amount of players (3) to complete a division.  If a division that is offered below does not have at least three players who have played in 3 of the 7 events, that division will be merged with the closest division.

What if I play in multiple divisions?
A person will be assigned to the division in which they have competed the majority of the time in or have declared they are officially moving up.  The division that was played the majority of the time for the three events they are receiving points for will be the division assigned. 
For example, if a players plays an open tournament and receives 80 points and has 2 advanced events with points of 85 and 90, then this player would be assigned to the Advanced Division.  Dynamic Discs will monitor this as much as possible to keep competition fair.

What are the rewards per division?
All Pro Divisions will be awarded with Cash and Amateur Divisions will be awarded with Dynamic Discs Gift Certificates.

VERY cool

Right on!!

Might have missed it, but is there a buy in?

And if so, does your score only play against those others who also have bought in? (i.e. If there are three people playing and you get third, but only yourself and the winner opted in, do you then get a 0? Or do you get a 33?)

DDKC Scott Reek:
There is not a buy in, everyone who plays the event will automatically be included into the standings


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