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Ice Bowl mini games - Volunteers needed

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Hello all! I am looking for volunteers to help me run the mini game competitions for either or both days. We will be having a CTP, mini golf, tic-tac-throw, and possibly the Kan Jam so I am looking for four or five people to help at any given time. Events will run most of the day on Saturday and through the first round on Sunday. Let me know if you might have any time to spare to help me out even if its only an hour or less.
Thank you so much in advance!!!

Still looking for a few more volunteers to help out with the mini games for the ice bowl. Any time you can spare can help. Thanks!  ;D

Kelly Markum:
Would it be a problem if I have my dog with me ?

I have no problem with it. Is he good with a tape measure??  ;D

Kelly Markum:
Cool, any certain time you need help ?


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