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I updated my list with some new tourneys, correct dates, etc.  Utz if you want me to email the original spreadsheet, just let me know.

Peter Bures:
Is Swope Spring Renewal definitely April 13th? That's the weekend of the GBO...


--- Quote from: Peter Bures on March 18, 2013, 07:25:24 PM ---Is Swope Spring Renewal definitely April 13th? That's the weekend of the GBO...

--- End quote ---

I heard a few things.  I think it got moved up to April 6, was moved to Pleasant Hill, and called something completely different WWW.   ;) 

Actually, I heard it might not happen.

Just browsing the forum this morning and I was thinking to myself, why are there no tournaments at Legacy Park?  Then I remembered there used to be something called the Eastern Front that rotated between Wilbur Young in Blue Springs, Legacy Park in Lee's Summit, and Lake Shore in PHill.  I see it was given an * status on the 2013 calendar.  Is this still going to happen? 

Why are there not more tournaments at some of the eastern locations?  I know some of the parks may be considered "too easy" for more advanced players, but there are plenty of beginners, myself included, that enjoy playing these parks.  I thought I heard once that LSPR is too difficult to deal with, but I don't know if that was the official answer or if that was just an opinion I heard.

Anyway, I would really like to see an event ran at one or more of these parks, and I would be willing to bet there would be a pretty good turn out.  Even if an event was scheduled at the same time as a more advanced or remote event such as an Emporia event say, I think there is enough interest and beginner/intermediate level players out there to make an event like this work. 


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