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Friday Traveling League - 1/25/13 (Two rounder if you can)

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Let's do Rosie down and up as a warm up for the Ice Bowl, YES?

Start a down under round at 9am for those who can make it. (I still haven't played the new holes).

Then at 1pm let's warm up the baskets for the Ice Bowl.

Play one or both. Ace fund will start at each round currently $89.

RSVP and I will start cards.

I will be there for both rounds. Thanks.


Have fun guys... I will be playing some Rds in Kentucky this Friday.. was going to play Idlewild but they are pulling the baskets for new paint jobs.. I will be playing Lincoln Ridge, Mt Airey and maybe AJ Jolly :)

I plan on being there.  Not sure if morning or afternoon round.  Depends on what I else I have going that day.  I will also have KCFDC apparel with me to distribute and for people to look at to determine if they want a shirt or hat. 


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