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Friday Traveling League - 1/25/13 (Two rounder if you can)

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somebody left a grey russell zip up hoody in the back of my truck in Kearney last Friday.  Let me know if it's yours.

Looks like nasty weather tonight and cold in am. Only one yes and one maybe for morning round. I recomend cancel am round. See you at 1pm topside round. (This ain't the ice bowl).

Good call. Give me a call or text if you wanna grub before we throw

Hey folks, thanks for understanding. (The weather guys were waaaay wrong = no rain last night to screw up the roads.)  Sounds like an am round might have worked out fine, but cold.

We did have 17 show up for the afternoon! Beautiful 40+ degrees and sunshine. E.E. brought out the shirts and hats and Matt O. had some fashion to sell.

We played 25 cent skins on the cards and tags all in. (Good thing we played skins on the cards, I think every hole got birdied by at least 2.

Here's the scores: (didn't record the tags or skins wins - sorry)

Billy N.     47
Eric E.      47
Chris        47
Matt P.     48
Mark        50
Dan H.     51
Jeff O.      51
Matt. O.   52
Ted         53
Jered       54
Mike       54
Johny D.  55
Josh        56
Harold     58
Joe         61
Rick        63
Bryan ?   fell down twice and DNF  :-X

Sorry I didn't have score cards ready. Will do from now on.

Next week: 3 votes for Prairie Center. (still to play: PC, WilberYoung, Swope, Topeka, Ottawa). Where do you want to play?

Jeff o. set up a pole. por favor.


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