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Ready for Tuesday rounds


Hey Kevin, I have several questions. Will there be tuesday rounds this year? Any idea what month you will start? I played with Tony yesterday at Rosedale, I think he shot a 52. He will be hard to beat. Maybe Doc will take him out.

Kevin Montgomery:
Yessiree... Tuesdays at USM will start the week daylight saving time starts. So... March 12th for the first official round. Get your bag tag ready.

Tony's a playa fo' sho'.... But you can take him, I have faith.

Kevin Montgomery:
Tuesday rounds begin today at USM. Bring your bag tags. Teeing it up at 5:30 is the plan. Join us won't you?   8)

I hope some daaaay you'll join us.

speaking of that, We'll have to plan Old Pike/USM field trips.


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