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Friday Travel League 2/1/13?????

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dan howard:
You are correct, I missed out on the fun that day.  Can we change the poll or would it be easier to start a new thread? 

I remember now. I wussed out cause of cold and snow that day. I think poll will be done wed and if swope wins we can discuss or take second place or something.?

Yea, I remember Swope. Was actually pretty nice except for a few tee pads. And as I remember, Eric won all the money!

If swope wins, we can take second choice. I did get three verbal votes for PC. Steve, Jteater, and Rick G. Don't know if they will vote on board or not.

Do we have a tally so far?

I don't know the results of the poll, but I believe that PC is holding sway. It might be cold, but the snow will be over.

See you at Prairie Center 1pm. (Unless Jeff O tells me the poll went a different direction)

Be looking forward to a Febuary full day trip to Emporia for an ace race round with some locals down there. I will make a new post for this.

Also, be thinking about a full day trip to Topeka for a two rounds, one at Lake Shawnee and one at Crestview Park.

Always open for ideas.

 PC will be fun,  but I'm really looking forward to us all playing Wilbur Young... Come to the dark side, the woods are wicked.. I'm not sure if Cliff Drive (Kessler park) has been played yet either.. seems like I may have missed that one


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