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2013 Kan-U-Wyco - March 9th

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Scott A Reek:
I am hoping to have the course layout out in a few days and should be in place by this weekend

Scott A Reek:
I can probably do Thursday, ill call you

Scott A Reek:
The Kan-U-Wyco is shaping up.  We have a full field, the Hoodies have been ordered and we will be adding two extra holes to make 2 rounds of 20 holes.  Hopefully the snow melts a little but either way be prepared for wet feet and bring extra clothes with you that day.

So much for visuslizing the course as it has been the last five years. Will we be throwing from tee pads for the extra placements?

So what's worse?  Snow or mudd?  I'll be happy with clean t-pads.


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