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Has anyone seen this yet?

From the City of Liberty's website:


Disc golf course coming to Stocksdale Park

Disc golf is one of the fastest growing sports, requires very little equipment, and is suited to a wide variety of fitness levels. In the next year, the Liberty community will be able to enjoy a round in Stocksdale Park.

A new Parks Partners Program is designed to assist the Parks Division in developing new amenities by partnering with local businesses. In the case of the disc golf course project, interested local businesses can sponsor a hole for $500, which is roughly the cost to construct a tee box and install the basket that serves as a hole for the FrisbeeĀ®. Sponsors will be recognized on a sign at the tee box for their partnership in the project.

Local disc golf enthusiasts have assisted Liberty Parks and Recreation in the design of the course. Construction is expected to begin in the late spring. Anyone interested in sponsoring a hole along the course should email Chris Wilson - cwilson@ci.liberty.mo.us.

"requires very little equipment"

Whoa - nobody told me that.  Why do I have 100 discs and 3 bags?


--- Quote from: robm on January 31, 2013, 08:23:10 AM ---"requires very little equipment"

Whoa - nobody told me that.  Why do I have 100 discs and 3 bags?

--- End quote ---

Ha! I was thinking the same thing. Obviously thewriter has never seen my garage  ::)

Just because us addicts have a lot of equipment, it is not required. Still only 1 disc needed to play.  8)

Love the idea of more courses in the northland.

Now if we could just get Grandview or Belton to follow suit, I might be able to get out and play more often with my "very little equipment" which is growing steadily every month it seems.  As it is, I have to drive almost 30 mins to reach any course around.  Southern Grandview is a black hole for disc golfers.  And putting a new course in Liberty won't help. (Not that I won't still make the drive to try it out.)


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