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Old Pike Mike:
Excellent news!   Does anyone know who helped with the design?   Admiral Stocksdale  has a nice park.   I hope they make it challenging enough. 

I spoke with the Liberty Parks Manager about the course and he was able to provide a little more information on the course. They don't have a lot of money for a course designer, so they're looking to meet with anyone interested in providing feedback on the course. I believe he's contacted Theiss for some guidance. If all 18 holes are sponsored than they plan to break ground in May.

Here is an aerial view of the current mock up. There are flags on each hole currently if anyone wants to go over there and check it out. It looks to be a pretty open course, but they're just working with what space they have.

Updated course map thanks to Jon Theiss! Should be a b%tchin course when it's done. Alternate pads, multiple pins, open bombers and par 4 woods holes!

looks super open like cliff back 9 or SMP

Anyone know how this course is coming along?



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