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Are the baskets in yet? If not, what kind of timeframe is there for installation.  Thanks!

Update, i talked to somebody at parks and rec yours morning and they told me some of there seasonal help went back to college so toons were going a little slow but  development was still under way, she couldn't give me a time frame unfortunately.

Just played that course for the first time this week. Fun little 9 hole'r.

They are talking about Stocksdale Park. You are referring to William Jewel College's 9 hole course.

john theiss:
After talking with several of the top  park personnel, i strongly encouraged and we decided that it would be best to seed  the disturbed areas and let the seed take hold over the winter and open next Spring.  This also allows them to continue working on spraying ivy, pushing back more areas, fine tuning, and getting the course looking really good for the Spring.  the course is coming along nicely and we made a big push with large excavator a couple weeks ago.  Much work was done on the lower pond.

There will be 8 permanent long gold baskets, however 1 gold basket will be shared between 2 holes giving 9 long gold holes that will never be moved from long placements. So there will be technically two courses to play, a 9 hole gold course and a 18 hole blue level course.  My intention was to provide an experience that offers several choices for players.  With 9 long options, players will not get bored if baskets do not get moved  or course is set short for winter.  7 of the gold baskets locations are  2 shot holes  giving players something else besides par 3 golf.  Also very happy to share that the course will have 14 Red level tee pads for beginners as well.  With the elevation, water, woods, and wind, Stocksdale will have plenty to offer.   


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