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--- Quote from: ReTee on January 31, 2013, 12:51:21 PM ---Now if we could just get Grandview or Belton to follow suit

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--- Quote from: ReTee on January 31, 2013, 12:51:21 PM ---Now if we could just get Grandview or Belton to follow suit, I might be able to get out and play more often with my "very little equipment" which is growing steadily every month it seems.  As it is, I have to drive almost 30 mins to reach any course around.  Southern Grandview is a black hole for disc golfers.  And putting a new course in Liberty won't help. (Not that I won't still make the drive to try it out.)

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Hey ReTee,

What about Swope...I can get to Swope in about 15 minutes from the Main Street exit of 71 Hwy in Grandview.  Now, granted, that is with light to moderate traffic...heavier traffic would be longer.

Also, Raytown is going to have a DG complex coming soon, so that should be easy to get to as well.  At least that is the rumor   8)

Isn't P.Hill fairly close to Belton?

Well, now that I've highjacked the thread, I may as well respond.  :) 

Yeah, Swope is between 20 and 25mins on average.  But I rounded up.  I like to think in terms of quarter hours for drive times.  I'm weird, I know.   And P-Hill is even closer to 30mins from 71(I49)/150 which is essentially where I start from.  There's just no real direct route to get there from the NW.  The lake being there probably has something to do with that.  I could probably get to both those courses faster, but I have an aversion to speeding tickets.

As for the Raytown course rumors, that'd be nice, but rumors have been all I found down here.  I've heard rumors of a Raymore course in the works and also rumors of a Belton course in the works.  Not seen anything moving on those, or I'd volunteer for work days to make it happen.

Where I think the best place for a majors-quality course would be Longview Lake.  All sorts of terrain, trees, trails and fingerlets of water to throw over, but if a course were possible there, surely someone would have made that happen by now.

Southern Grandview is a black hole for everyone :\


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