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railroad ties wanted

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Mike Hyzer:
I know where some are at that won't be missed. I will look into borrowing them this week if I have time.

ties or timbers can be dropped in the parking lot on 13 fairway, over by the cement table tops

On Craigslist, there is a post for free/used rr ties. The post was from Feb 19, but I'm sure that since the post is up they are still available. The curb in which they are on is just east of parkville, over by Lakeside middle school. I'm not too sure if these rr ties are what you are seeking out, but I thought I'd help. If I had a truck, or access to one, I would've done this myself. Sorry. If you would like, I could help loading them if you went to go snag them though.

Mike Hyzer:
Oh, I'd forgotten about this, but I won't be helping with this after all because Jamie's exposed himself as an anti-gun liberal weenie. Maybe Claire McCaskill has some railroad ties she'll let you have, Jamie. ;D :P


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