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Feldberg joins Latitude 64, rolls out new website

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In other news, D. Feldberg bought a volvo and has invested in the Swedish krona.

more at 10..

I saw a pic of him on DGCR with a DD disc in his hand. I guess  he will be able to throw DD, westside, and lat 64?

Indeed. However his contract is centered. Emac has admitted he can throw Lat64/Westside/DD as they're all under the same umbrella corp. All depends on what the fine print says, I suppose.

Also, for any of those wondering, the Borg's new website and re-brand was brought to you by our very on KC golfer Mike Fenton

This should cut the weight of the tourney bag in half at least..... down to 88lbs (40Kgs). Right???

Mike, will there be video of stuff like the clinics and events?

Kelly Markum:
That shirt looks like his innova shirt he played with on the final day at the wide open last year.


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