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Going on a road trip in a couple months. Wife is cool with me hitting a couple courses along the way. Looking to play around southern Utah,northern Arizona and northern New Mexico. Anyone played courses around there?

I have played several in nm, the best courses are in Taos, nm. Sipapu is the best.  Brent Baca memorial in Abq is pretty good too.  Tough to play alone though.  I have a contact I met at gbo from there he might show you around.

SIPAPU.....just get favorite course of all time.

white mccoy:

--- Quote from: jack on February 08, 2013, 09:25:30 AM ---SIPAPU.....just get favorite course of all time.

--- End quote ---

Definitely Sipapu...Beautiful course.

When are you taking this trip? Sipa doesn't open until late spring, early summer. And most of the courses in that area are going to be a little rough in the early spring. What is your route? Are you headed through Colorado? Or headed south to Amarillo and across? There are some interesting courses to play depending on which way you go and what time of year it is.


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