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02/07/13 Water Works Glow

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13 out for tee-off temperatures at 42 degrees, fading into the mid 30's by 8pm. The episode from Waterworks: Here's a hole, and here's the headwind, but we broke out our stable plastic and trudged on!

Joe and Adam I owe ya $22 and $10 respectively. You're in the book now.

Water Works GLOWTeam       Score     Cash  Joe Hesting/ Mike Fenton   46     $45Jason Lyons/ Adam Cossette   49     $20Greg Utz/ Shane Caylor   50     Kevin Corbett/ Mike Thomas   50     Jamie Danger/ Dan Quinn   51     Markus Stiles/ Ken Hostetler   53     Fred Fortson   54     

Jamie/Dan Q    -3
Mark S/Ken H   -1

white mccoy:
Sweet :D

Since you slow pokes were only on hole 12 when we finished...I decided to get on I didn't have any beer to drink while I waited. 

I'll see you somewhere ::)

Well let me tell you what!

Fred, about every 3 holes, would tee off and decide his drive wasn't good enough. Then he would head on down the fairway, pick it up, run back and drive again. I know man, life of the Cali right?

We had about 6 bogeys on our card too.  Rough night.

catch up with yall later


fred is to slow golf like f-15 is to jet


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