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Friday Traveling League -2/15/13 the thaw before the frost.

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The Nailerâ„¢:

--- Quote from: hberciunas on February 16, 2013, 03:52:19 PM ---There are several who agree that there should be some dispute over the ticket. Take it to court or submit a dispute. You have at least 15 witnesses that said that the dogs were on the leash and well behaved. Granted at times the leash was not in your hand. Also those witnesses were picking up trash during the round and over 90 plus will be utilizing the park on Sunday. Just saying, there are legit reasons for cops to be employed giving tickets etc. Screwing with the people who use the park and care for it is not their purpose . . . at least give a warning.

--- End quote ---

Totally agree, should have been just a warning.

Ill have some crow for dinner....Hyzer you were right about cops err barney one bullet p&r cops.


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