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Is there a new course in the works? I haven't seen posts like these for tee boxes before.

Where is this at?  Just kinda curious.

Is it a secret?  Maybe I shouldn't tell. Next to a lake where a old ball golf course used to be.  I have always thought it would be a great place to put one.

Shhhhhhh!! ;)

The Bird Father:
Can't keep anything a secret around this group of golfers!!

Thanks to Tom Butler for all the time, effort, energy and planning to make this course happen!!!  18 holes of beauty!!  Tom has worked to no end to make this dream a reality...with the help of his tiny flocking of friendly birds.

Tees are marked but pins are still in his garage being built....hopefully get the pins poured over the next week or so and have a playable course soon.

Please be patient and stay clear until pins are in....we don't need people stepping in holes out there before we even get a course.

Also....the same rules apply out there as at PC....NO ALCOHOL, DOGS ON LEASHES and be sure to pack out what you pack in because there are no trash cans yet.

Once again....TOM BUTLER IS THE MAN and will make an official announcement when the course is officially open.


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