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Can't wait to see it


dan howard:
Keep me posted on the workdays, I'll be there when I can.  I'd like to go have a look Sunday morning, help me out here with the location.  South of the Lake (A) seems residential, East of the Lake (B) looks like the old golf course, is that where it's located?  Is it best accessed from Dennis Ave or 135th St? 

The Bird Father:
South end of "B"...there is parking area near hole #1.....It is the south side of the old ball golf course.  Please be careful to stay clear of the pins so the dirt is not knocked back in the pre-dug holes....thanks!

dan howard:
Thanks andy, I'll just be out for the walk and will leave the dirt where it lies.  Thanks for all the great effort guys and gals, I'm thrilled to have a second Olathe course!!!!!

You Olathe guys are Awsome! I need to hire you to talk the hospital into expanding my lab...  ;D ;D

Way to go Southlanders!!! Looking forward to getting down to check it out.


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