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dan howard:
I've been playing around with the Jeff Ash brainwave technique lately, so if you like your discs decorated here's a few that are available.  All new discs, asking $25, message me if interested.




Just getting better all the time. Lookin good, Dan!

He does awesome work! He did my MVP putter (profile picture). I sent him three other discs but due to the stupid post office and some personal issues he was having apparently I never got them back  :-\

would like to get one like the Wraith

dan howard:
Thanks guys!  If anyone's interested I'll put the "Dan"waves on any light (preferably white) opaque premium plastic you like.  And normally I'd say the least used the better but the one below I got out of the give away box at DGW (Thanks!!!) and it was pretty beat so I think it'll work on anything.  Asking $15 for the dye work, pm me if interested.


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