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Friday Traveling League - 2/22/2013 Icy Slop at Swope or week off?

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Weather will be nasty Thursday and cold over night. Lows in teens and high only 29 on Friday.

Thoughts on Swope (latest pole winner) or take a week off???

Or do you want to take a chance at Jesse James? (One rounder on Sunday)

Or ???

My vote take a week off. Let's hit swope on the 1st March and then Wyco on the 8th (prep for KanUWyco)

Im good with a week off.  If anything maybe go walk around olathe lake. 

Swope on 1st and Wyco on 8th sounds excellent.

So when did a little snow slow us down?  I'm going to throw somewhere Friday anyway, if anyone is interested in not being a quitter...

It slowed me down since most of my discs are white.  And somebody(s) put in a course at olathe lake.  My plan is to walk it and maybe take a couple new discs(not white) to test out.  Or maybe I'm just dodging a bag tag round ??? :o

Text me if you have any interest, Matt...........785 393 7064


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