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D.U.I. "Down Under Invitational" - March 30th, 2013

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I know some of you like to see an ongoing list of people playing, so here you go. I have received quite a few phone calls regarding the tournament so I do expect it to start filling fast so I would not wait to get in.

1   Chris   Portwood   Novice
2   Ben    Oliver   Novice
3   Rob   Hosely   Novice
4   Robert   Thompson   Novice
5   Mike   Petrin   Novice
6   Matt   Hunsberger   Novice
7   Aaron   Shanahan   AM
8   Aric   Anderson   AM
9   David   Steeby   AM
10   Andy    Portwood   AM
11   Earl   Johansen   AM
12   Jeff   Waldron   AM
13   Bill   Neenan   AM
14   Ben   Crosby   AM
15   Jay   Rivard   OLD
16   Ted   Keith   OLD
17   Kevin   Montgomery   OLD
18   Steve   Carnegie   OLD
19   Steve   Glover   OLD
20   Kevin   Crist   OLD
21   Tony   Todd   OLD
22   Jeff   Kelley   OLD
23   David   Zentz   OLD
24   Danny    Knox   OLD
25   Elliot   Hicks   OLD
26   Tavish   Carduff   WOMEN
27   Rhonda   Crosby   WOMEN
28   Joe   Hesting   OPEN
29   Ryan   Nibert   OPEN
30   Scott   Reek   OPEN
31   Nick   Winkelbauer   OPEN
32   Danny    Rodriguez   OPEN
33   Andy    Lewis   OPEN
34   Jack   Lowe   OPEN
35   Russ   Befort   OPEN
36   Jose   Ossa   OPEN
37   Eric   Garberg   OPEN
38   Travis   Daetwiler   OPEN
39   Eric   Kolkmeier   OPEN
40   Fred   Smith   OPEN
41   Dan    Zink   OPEN
42   Ken   Franks   OPEN
43   Bruce   Hudson   OPEN
44   Otto   Spiers   OPEN
45   Arturo   Villarreal   OPEN
46   Bobby   Villarreal   OPEN

UPDATED 3-28-13

Flying J:
I'm in.  Please sign me up. 

Can you sign me up open, I'll be there

We are less than a week away. This is going to be a very fun event. It also looks like we could see the 60's on Saturday.

With that being said, the ground will be moist and slick. I have debated changing the date, but looking at the schedule, there is just no where to go. So it will happen as planned. Please bring your big boy shoes and take your time. I will make sure we do not play any tee pads that may have a less than desirable path, like #2 left.

If you are planning on playing please let me know. I need to order shirts by Wednesday and would like a solid number of shirts and sizes to make sure you get the size you want. The shirts are going to be very cool so I hope you get one. If you would like to order one.

If you are going to Emporia... well.


--- Quote from: dickthediscparker on March 25, 2013, 04:36:58 PM ---If you are going to Emporia... well.

--- End quote ---


I want to play both!


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