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On Tuesday, February 19, 2013, the Lakeside Hills Disc Golf Course became complete with the installation of the baskets.

The course is still rough and in it's infancy, but it is playable. We hope to have concrete tees in by the first of Summer.

Although I have acknowledged the folks that made this dream become reality before, with the opening I want to give another shout out....

Brian Taylor-Not only is Brian a long range bomber and skilled player on the course, he is also a superhuman workhorse, who without being along on this endeavor, I would be weeks or months away from where we are today. He has been there at all stages and when there was work to be done, he attacked it. He practically single-handedly mowed several of the rougher fairways out with handtools so that when we did get baskets planted, we could begin play. If you see him on the course shake his hand and thank him.

Andy Lewis- My sounding board and consultant, he has been along the entire journey providing help wherever I needed.
Brush mowing, chain sawing, sleeve sticking, basket assembly, and most importantly, helping me keep it in perspective, Andy was a big help.

Mark Albers and Brian Corneilius-These two guys were a monster wrecking crew during the clearing stage, and then during concrete mixing, they were so fast the rest of us couldn't keep up. These guys were there whenever I asked for help, and
most excellent help they have been.

Deano-He has been with me since the beginning of the project, providing ideas and vision, and keeping what amounts to hard work, fun. His golf cart was a great asset during re-con and design, and during workdays shuttling folks here and there. Let's wish him a Happy Birthday at Birdland!

Cindy-With all we have going on in our non-disc golf lives the timing of the City's request for a design and install couldn't have come at a worse time for Cindy and I. Cindy took on lots of extra work and tasks to allow me the luxury and time to put in the volunteer time it took to make this happen. If you see her, give her a hug and a thanks.

Mr. Gus-He's just a good little buddy that loves going to the park with all of us, and keeps me grounded.

Mike Davis, Leevarn Sarvis, Dick Parker, and Dan Howard all put in some time as well. The City of Olathe Parks and Recreation Department effort led by Paul Hecker and Johnny Brokus made this all go so smooth.

The map below is the preliminary layout I submitted for approval. On later walk throughs and staking, we tweaked it slightly, but this map will get you around until we get a final map finished.

Now, let's all go enjoy it everyone!  8)

The Bird Father:

The southside of KC has been long overdue for another course....especially the SW side!!

I can't wait to get my first round in out there which I'm sure many of the non-workers out there are doing right now.

Here's to yet another place to nest......

....stay Dirty my friends!

john theiss:
It looks really cool from the aerial.  What is total course length, avg hole distance, and slope change/elevation like?  It appears that you got some great views of the lake and really established tree lines.   


--- Quote from: john theiss on February 20, 2013, 01:51:03 PM ---It looks really cool from the aerial.  What is total course length, avg hole distance, and slope change/elevation like?  It appears that you got some great views of the lake and really established tree lines.

--- End quote ---

The total length is approximately 6900', for an average length of 383'. the phone died before we got all gps info gathered, but I do know on hole 10 the basket is 33' above the tee. I'd estimate hole 1 basket is 60' above the tee, and holes 4, 9, and 18 the baskets are around 50' to 60' below the tee.

I'm certain that if I'd taken another three to six months looking at the land and aerials I could have come up with something different, and perhaps better, but the pins can easily be re-positioned as well as the tee boxes, and one of my main goals was to occupy as much of the land as possible.

It's 5 minutes from my house and Prairie Center, has good shade on most of the tee boxes, doesn't have a single soccer or baseball field within 2 miles, and has dramatic views of a nice little lake, so I know me and the birds will like roosting there. Also from tee 9, my djembe will be audible maybe a half mile away.  8)

Ken Franks:
My beak is erect....


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