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90 Days of Disc Golf: The Alaska Sojourn
« on: March 06, 2013, 09:50:37 PM »
I am playing in the Kan U Wyco this weekend and I'm not well-prepared. The recent snowstorms in Kansas City have kept me off the courses for the past few weeks and I'm worried that I will be super rusty come showtime. And I'm not a fan of playing in snow which is also working against me. But, like Rocky in Rocky 4, when you are seeking revenge for the death of your best friend at the hands of a Russian bad ass, you need to go to the coldest place on earth to train and get your mind right. None of that makes any sense, but it's really cold where I am right now and my laughter is making my body shake thus keeping me warm. I can't feel my fingers as I'm typing, it's that bad.

I'm in Russia... Well, Sarah Palin's Russia. I'm in Anchorage, Alaska which is just down the street from the Palin Compound. I'm here doing a few shows for the party surrounding the Iditarod. And I thought that during my time off, I would go play the local Alaska courses and enjoy... uh... um...well... playing in the freezing F'in cold in an effort to prepare myself for the Kan U Wyco. It's also state number 49. Now only Hawaii eludes me. Minna didn't come along, and needless to say, she's irked.

Today I was able to play two of the courses IN Anchorage. Westchester Lagoon Park and Kincaid Park.

Westchester is sort of silly. It's a very short, nine hole course with a goofy lay out. You play three holes on one side of a street, then walk in a tunnel to the other side of the street, play two holes, then walk half a mile to play in a different park to play the last four holes. There is also five feet of solid snow on the ground which makes moving to the basket a little bit of a task. On one hole, I threw my midrange (I only brought two discs: a midrange and putter) upside down in a snow rut created by other players walking to the basket and it slid the entire way to the basket. It was the coolest thing.

Kincaid was pretty amazing. Partly because it had warmed up by the time I got there, but mostly because it's situated on the Western most point on the Anchorage peninsula, so you can see the ocean, the mountains, and the snow in every direction around you as you play it. It's an okay course, but the views are ridiculous and it's easy to triple bogey most of the holes because directly behind the basket is the frozen ocean, or a majestic mountain range - or both - and it's hard to focus on the basket.

I have one more day to prepare myself for the Kan U Wyco and to avenge Apollo's death. I'm headed down to Girdwood, Alaska to play a course, see a glacier, eat at a famous Steak Restaurant called, The Double Musky located in the middle of nowhere, and drive down America's most dangerous highway. For some reason Girdwood is race central though the race is fifty miles in the OPPOSITE direction. Nothing much makes sense in Alaska. From what I've been told, the rich folks go to Girdwood to party on the glacier and will head over to Nome for the end of the race on Sunday... ish. I'm hoping the course looks a lot like Wyco.

Here's some pics of the day.
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Re: 90 Days of Disc Golf: The Alaska Sojourn
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Hole 1 at Westchester Lagoon


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Re: 90 Days of Disc Golf: The Alaska Sojourn
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Here's moi

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Re: 90 Days of Disc Golf: The Alaska Sojourn
« Reply #3 on: March 07, 2013, 08:36:14 AM »
I got to play 27 holes in Colchester, Suffolk, UK a couple weeks ago. No snow and it was in the 50s's... so there.... :P

Looks like fun!
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