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Disc Golf Harlem Shake

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I am shocked that Disc Golf hasn't put up a video for this latest fad. Of course, when I asked a few disc golfers if they wanted to do it they said, "How would people know that it was the Harlem Shake we were doing and not just us acting the way we normally do?"  ... ... I can't argue with that. But I am hoping that some of the more notable personalities in the Kansas City disc golf scene would take it upon themselves to post a video. I, for one, would love to see a Rick Rothstein version. Especially if he is the one who is dancing alone before the bass drops. It would make a good promo for the WIDE OPEN.

Put a horse's mask on him and have him air humping while standing over someone's shoulder.  Ohhh, what potential!

Paul McBeth and crew did one

Slowly gyrating to a crescendo of music until a fit of rage is reached is not a new fad. ive been doing that since i was 17..its called the no pants dance...

I can see it now! Rick swaying back and fourth while people are putting on the practice basket behind him....


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