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Down Under League 2/16/13


26 people showed up to play what we thought would be a nice round with a little snow on the ground. Unfortunately the snow melted before we started. We NEVER get to play golf in the snow anymore (insert crying baby sounds). Remember (back-in-the-day) how much fun that was?? Cute little ribbons taped to discs and all. To the 2,351 texts I've received, YES we will play today. Why not? Ace fund is over $200. Photo opportunities abound... Traiga en la nieve y el frio!!!!

$100/$50/$35/$23 = $208   Ace fund $211

-11 1076 DannyK/Buckle (yep really)
-11 1076 Kevin/CHI
-11 1076 MikeD'Open/ArturoV
-10 1062 Frank'n'Fred
 -8  1044 Hans/MikeT
 -7  1033 DZ/EKolk
 -7  1033 Jose/Yaj
 -6  1021 Dr.Jim/Beckett
 -5  1012 Todd/ERoc
 -4  1002 Steve/TJ
 -3    996 Zink/Edwin
 -1    982 Utz/Fenton
  E    968 Shane/Matt

Get your ribbons and your ponies! I have been looking forward to this for too long. Down Under is a winter paradise.

Is this still going on? I'm coming down from Des Moines this weekend and enjoy this league.

Old Pike Mike:
That was fun E!  Ten weren't scared of the snow.  12 under par in a foot of snow with no lost discs with Danny K  not using any ribbons.  Which is more impressive?     

I'll be damned. Buckle surprise.


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