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I have spoken to a few about being part of a video series promoting the 2013 Wide Open. The response has been very positive so far.


* 3 Top Rated Holes on each of the four Wide Open courses will be analyzed. Footage of local and non local players discussing playing them, discussing the course.
* Scenes of disc golfers talking about their experiences at the wide open, as many divisions as we can cover.
* A final episode released the week the event starts, subject matter could be history (using sound bites) from more experienced players. Give outsiders a look inside our community today and how strong it is.My video partner and I are taking this on because there is a demand for high quality video production in Disc Golf. Disc golf is one of our favorite subject matter, we can test some new tools too!  Once the greenery starts coming back,  the majority of the capturing will commence.

I have created a web site for more information. Once I confirm a few details I'll launch it, which will give you more insight.

It would be cool to show a clip of kc covered in a foot of snow too. Def need to get with stiles...i got a great deal of wo history from him before

Thanks Matt. Will do. Although we will be producing at HD resolution, lower quality clips may have to be used too.

Lest we not forget KCs own Bob Fields KCWO #1 winner! I'm sure he could help on history

I would love to be a part of this in some way.


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