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Down Under League 2/23/13


For all that inquired about playing last week, only 10 showed up to actually play in the snow. Wasn't that bad.  Took a little longer to trudge through it all, but whatev' Mike D'open and Danny Knox tore it up with a 42. No lost discs. Expect much of the same this week. Estoy consiguiendo cansado de la nieve....

$60/$20 for $80  Ace fund now $221

-12 1092  Danny'n'D'Open
 -8  1058  DZ/MikeT (supposedly, after much delay)
 -7  1049  ERoc/Yaj (ERoc, I need $5 back)
 -6  1040  EKolk/OsamaBenHansen
 -4  1022  Jesse/Beckett (left handed)


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