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We were talking beer in the Old Pike forum, figured it'd be nice to have a beer thread in the general forum.

Ready, set, go!

Did anyone else know that Jack Lowe loves Bell's beer?

Just talkin about how much Lagunitas Sucks is all up in my beer radar right now.

Tried the New Belgie Rampant last night.  for 8.5% it hardly feels like you're drinkin a straight up IPA

Sucks is my favorite Lagunitas product by far.  I think it stands right up there with Hopslam.

But it's no Zombie Dust.

Kevin Montgomery:
I was aware of Jack's love for Bell's...

Personally, I don't discriminate....  I love beer... 8)

Rusty Bucket from the Brandon Brewery is a current favorite of mine. Too bad one has to go all the way to Suffolk, UK to get it.   :(


--- Quote from: Kevin Montgomery on March 07, 2013, 10:23:28 AM ---
Personally, I don't discriminate....  I love beer... 8)

--- End quote ---

That's what I like about you Kevin!  Why didn't you bring back some rusty bucket for the rest of us?


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