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Down Under League 3/2/13 and season re-cap


14 golfers made it through a really beautiful DU. The course is actually friendlier because you don't get the crazy rolls and stuff. Today is the last league until next fall. We had 464 players (+ today) for the year for a payout of $3,680. Doesn't suck. Still no 1100 rated round (even with the inflated PDGA system).

$60/$35/$17 = $112  Ace $235

-10 1080 ERoc/SamIAm
 -8  1067 DZ/OldPikeMikeT
 -8  1067 Jethro/DannyR
 -7  1055 Yaj/Beckett
 -5  1042 DannyK/EKolk
 -2  1020 Frank'N'Fred
 -1  1002 Steve/Evets

Danny Rodriguez:
Thanks for hosting,  saturday afternoon down under made the winter a little warmer.   good times.

So, it's unofficial but I am under the impression there is Down Under doubles today at 12:30.


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