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Swope Spring Clean and Work Day March 31st 9:00 a.m.

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The KCFDC is organizing a work day and clean up for this Sunday. Yes, it is St.Patrick's Day, I know. But I'm sure some of you would be willing to help with the bridges, the clubhouse, picking up fallen branches from the storm, trash, and replacing the plexiglass on the course marquee. Swope's good friend, Peter Engleman, has native plants to go in the OB gully areas. Mike Petrin has offered his saws, Pete has multiple tools he is bringing, but tools are always good. If anyone wants to work on the stairs to 14, we can get it going. Let me know what we need. So, it'll be a mixed bag for Sunday. The club will provide lunch and beverages for volunteers.  I hope to play a round as well if anyone wants to stick around after lunch.

I'm there Eric. Sounds like fun, and I'll bring my discs. If we can get more smiling faces we could all get done and get to that round quicker ;)

Thanks, Greg! See ya out there.

Would someone on this forum let Beer League know a work day is happening. I am sure they would look out for down limbs and litter during their usual Sunday morning round.

And, why doesn't Beer League have  an FB page? Is it outside their modus operandi?

You may not have seen it on facebook because it is kind of a confusing name.

Its under Kansas City Beer League, ohhhhhh right ek  ;D


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