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New league schedule for after Daylight Savings??

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I used to live in Olathe and in Manhattan for a while.. I guess we have pretty cool friends and family and decided to come back. Georgia has some awesome disc golf courses, but organized play is pretty minimal around here and the courses are too spread out to make regular trips to surrounding leagues. I know KC keeps it rolling
pretty much constantly, so I'm pretty excited for more frequent organized play... I'm looking forward to playing Birdland at Lake Olathe for the first time and should have no problem making it.

white mccoy:

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--- Quote from: kevinmzane on March 13, 2013, 12:33:58 PM ---Sorry if this has been answered somewhere already, but I tried looking around a bit with no luck...
All I could find was a winter league schedule. Is there anything different going on around the area now that our evenings are a little longer? I will be moving to Olathe in less than 2 weeks from Georgia and am dying for some league action.

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There is also a league on Monday in the ghetto part of KCMO, but typically you end up wading thru trash and burned up cars. Oh, and there is a machete wielding, balding, psychopath roaming around there as well. It is considered by some as the best Monday league in the KC metro though. Of course by best, they mean least attended.  :P

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I smell dead people....and fried chicken.  But it's still my favorite course in town  :P



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