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Any Latitude, Westside, or DD plastic. I'm doing a little more experimentation and rather than buy every mold I'd like to see if I can move some plastic to try some more out.

I'm especially interested in trying the XXX and the Trident.

I have mostly Innova to trade, but a lot of random stuff.

Kelly Markum:
Im not really interested in trading mine but i have plenty of lat stuff you can test out including XXX & Trident

I can hook you up with some westside putters.

Kelly Markum:

--- Quote from: Loomis on March 13, 2013, 10:03:00 PM ---I can hook you up with some westside putters.

--- End quote ---

Do you have the first run swans?

Im pretty sure they are. I have quite a few swans.


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