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Course is in great shape!


Kevin Montgomery:
Gave the course at Clover Dell a full 19 hole checkup Friday then went back for another crack at the front nine. The pond on #10 is full up making it a much more difficult hole than we saw at the Bluebird in September. And the pond on #14 is almost out of its banks. Now is an excellent time to throw in Sedalia. No tall rough and everything's brush-hogged. There's a new maintenance guy out there that I think will do a better job of keeping it mowed but just in case, now is a great time to get it before it gets woolly.

Here's a couple of shots of the ponds from Friday.

Kevin Montgomery:
Trimmed up the back nine last night. It was very shaggy and #17 was nearly unplayable. It's still rough around the edges but much better.


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