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I have half a dozen brand new echo star Destroyers (pre vulcan top)
Dozens of Z buzzes,
ESP banger GTs,
Z Banger GTs,
Unused Banger GTs,
JK Aviars,
11 x Aviars, x outs and unused
Team Stamp Challengers,
US AM NATS challenger,
Pro line and JK valkyries,
Original small bead aviars and Omegas
Flat top ching rocs
Dozens of champion teebirds,
11x Champ Eagle
Champ Eagle Ls
The juicy barry leopards, no ratings
Big stamp roadrunners, sidewinders, orcs, valkyries, and firebirds, no ratings
A pro line monster, rare
A ce first run gator, full weight, no ink, super duper rare
Dozens of pro destroyers with the small PDS writing (if you throw pro D's, you know what this means),
A dozen or so Avery destroyers,
Lots of pearly firebirds, no ratings
Buzzz ss's,
Champion TL's and a few star TL's.

and a bunch of plastic that no one throws but they make great "lender" discs for newbies or big bomb lake offerings

...just a whole lot of plastic that needs to go.

I have about seven bins of plastic that I am looking to unload - most of it new, or barely used stuff that I've been holding on to as back ups. Almost all of it is hard to find plastic or collectible stuff I have found over the years.
We can't take these discs with us so I need to unload them.

And yes, almost 99 percent of the plastic is Loomis Green/Yellow.

I actually was reading a thread today with Dave Dunipace, where he said that the Destroyers never had Vulcan Tops, rather something started happening in the cooling process where they made that funny rim that looked like a Vulcan Top. But they have since figured out how to keep that from happening.

Sorry... as I was trolling I noticed the pre vulcan top thing and since I just read it today I thought I would interject.

Peter Bures:
Any of the Avery or Echo Destroyers SDS?


Kevin Montgomery:
PM Sent   8)


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