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--- Quote from: andyportwood on March 20, 2013, 12:59:48 PM ---Thanks Jack! Loved the setup even though I was super surprised we finished before we lost the sunlight, lol. When might we expect to see the payout info?

--- End quote ---

I didn't get the payout information from Ryan, but I can look it up accordingly.....For Am's it should have been the following:

4 Ams
1st-$9 KC Kash
2nd-$6 KC Kash

All others suckit....

8 Pro's

All others paid for the night of entertainment.

I am not posting in the PDGA the payouts, and Am's may redeem their KCKASH at Disc Golf World from this league as we are ahead of the KCKASH print, and I am not there to distribute, Rick has agreed to allow this to happen.  I am not discriminating against DD, but DGW is closer, and by having only 1 location it is easier to account for the redemption without having physical paper to distribute.

Hope that makes sense.  Looks as though I am still not going to be there next week yet either.....


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