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Cliff Drive Work Day, This SUNDAY 4/7/2013!!!

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Kevin Montgomery:
I agree and have dealt with this problem in Sedalia lately. I see a dozen or so people out here playing all the time but rather than having them show up on work days I see them play through. Or worse yet, one of them steals a basket and the rest of them leave their beer cans all over the course and take other people's discs that are left floating on the pond with no intention of ever calling them to return them. Too many people taking without giving back.

I had to coax Mike into staying on SUnday as well.  I am of the same mindset, and Mike, I am probably good for about 50 of those views in here on the post.....

I agree that better awareness is helpful, and I should have posted something on the Marquee about the Workday.  Phone calls do help, but I am not your father, and I take pride and ownership in the courses around town.  I don't think that I have made it out to a workday in PC in a few years (same with WyCo.....) but I know that I have in the past made it out there.  Once the course is planted, it needs love and TLC, just like any other plant.

We are simple folks here who really only want what is in the best interest of us all, and that is to improve the courses.

I for one hope that the volunteer efforts will rise for the Wide Open preparedness, or I will be embarrassed by the presentation of the courses.  As a leo, I take pride in a lot that I put into, and I put a lot into disc golf.  Workdays, meetings, grants, designs....all for free....if you could donate even an hour a month cleaning/picking up trash I would appreciate, as would others.  If people saw others doing work, they would be reminded that it is a community effort.

The other option is to work with your local politician and ask them to raise your taxes to hire more people on the P&R staff to complete these requests that we are asking of our volunteer community!


There are many that do work, and I don't want to belittle the efforts that many do give, but with more courses comes a time for more people to help.  When we had 3-5 courses, having the same core of 15-20 people working on workdays made an impact.  Now that core is older, and there are closer to 30 courses, and it appears to be many of the same people still working on the courses......that is the a part of the solution.  Pick up some trash/debris.....


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