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The first KCFDC Summer league in Olathe will be held at Birdland on Monday, April 1 with a 5:30 tee time. Please be signed up by 5:15.

It's entirely possible there will be ACE beverages there, courtesy of the last GLOW night ACER.

The Nailerâ„¢:
The Nailer likes that this course is now all up in the mix.

8.5 Nails as it sits now.  Probably up around 9.5 nails once those pads get in.  Please put the word out when you have a work day because The Nailer would like to help.

Pads should be happening within the next couple months. The next workday will involve digging three sleeve holes, mixing up three, eighty pound bags of crete, and setting in the three alternate pin placement sleeves, probably on holes 1, 8, and ??? I want to try to get taht done by the end of April, if not sooner.

Although the league schedule indicates the Monday Olathe league will be alternating between Lakeside hills and PC, the plan is for it to be at Lakeside Hills every week until further notice.  :)

Please be signed up by 5;15 at the latest this evening. 5:30 tee and we need to play without delay.

If your dues aren't current, be prepared to pay the extyra $1, and please bring exact change.


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